benoit chailleux

Benoît Chailleux

17 rue de la Confiserie

44100 Nantes, FRANCE.

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I was born in France on April 10th, 1973 and grew up in the suburb of Nantes. I studied architecture since 1992 to 2000 and used photography as an analysis tool and a way to explore urban spaces. I am particularly interested in interstitial spaces made by urban sprawl and gaps between areas dedicated to the mobility.

I work in an architecture office but the majority of my subjects are urban spaces built without architect and places built more for cars than for people. My purpose is less to bring to light the aberrations of current urban planning than to reveal an atmosphere.

I'm involved in the commonness than the spectacular.

"Benoît Chailleux est architecte, ce qui produit chez lui, la photographie. Il s’attache à faire ressortir dans la mélodie de ses images, l’impureté de l’architecture afin d’y trouver une poésie du quotidien. Il y exprime la présence de l’homme sans vouloir en capter un instant de vie, l’anecdotique, il cherche l’universel. Il nous laisse admirer la matière brute de l’architecture pour créer une image emplie de mélancolie rock qui traverse les mutations de nos vies."

Frédéric Malette


Education :

2000 : D.P.L.G. (architect diploma) 


Exhibitions :

- 2018 October 13 - December 16 - Galerie Le Lieu, Lorient, France- The Unbelievable Truth, Itinéraires Graphiques.

- 2017 July 02 - 09, 31 Rue de l'Hotel de Ville, Arles - DUST, Voies Off 2017, a collective exhibition with Andrea GraziosiClément ParadisBerangere FromontBenoit ChailleuxPiergiorgio Casotti

- 2016 June 11, Roma,Italy -  Slideluck Roma III, Slideshow curated by Louise Clements, Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger, Niccolò Fano , Joseph La Mela, Valentina Trisolino and Valentina Isceri.

-2016 April 02 - May 01, Monsampolo del Tronto, Italy - Fondovalle, a collective exhibition at Museo Civico curated by  Serena Marchionni and Ikonemi.

-2014 August 14 - September 14, Vienna, Austria - The Ones We Love, a collective exhibition at Atelier de Koekkoek curated by Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek and Lindley Warren.

-2014 April, San-Fransico, California, USA – Home, a collective exhibition at the 4x5 gallery.


-2014 April, Augsburg, Germany – A Process, a collective exhibition at the Neue Galerie, curated by Der Greif magazine.


-2013 May, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA – Useless, useless, a collective exhibition curated by Tim White and « you are not a dinosaur ».

-2011 June, Nantes-Saint-Nazaire, France - Art Rocket, art festival curated by l'Atelier Flexible. 

-2011 November 14 – 2012 January, Girona, Spain. Souvenirs, an exhibition at the Escola Politècnica Superior curated by Llorenç Rosanes. With Michael Ast (USA), Lisa Boughter (USA), Steven Brooks (USA), Alexis Gerard (USA), Jim Hart (USA) and Claudia Luthi (Peru).


-2011 May 12 - July 17, Lleida, Spain. Souvenirs, an exhibition at the Institut d'Estudis Ilerdencs curated by Llorenç Rosanes. With Michael Ast (USA), Lisa Boughter (USA), Steven Brooks (USA), Alexis Gerard (USA), Jim Hart (USA) and Claudia Luthi (Peru).


-2009 July 3, 4, 5, Roma, Italy : Occhirossifestival, independent festival of photography.

No-places, a work on the ordinary landscape. With Jesse Morgan Barnett (USA), Irene Grazi (Italy) and Llorenç Rosanes (Spain). Projection.

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